The Worst Credit Cards to Have in 2011

August 21, 2011

TweetNot every credit card that’s a bad deal in 2011 is one that preys on the person who has bad credit. Credit card companies are plying their trade for both ends of the economic spectrum. They target the rich and they target the poor. Either way there is money to be made and worst credit [...]

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Do You Want an Exclusive Credit Card?

August 14, 2011

TweetDo you want an exclusive credit card? Then you need to fit into a specific financial profile. You may also fit a psychological profile as well, a profile exclusive credit card issuers are targeting. Financial Profile for Exclusive Credit Cards The “high roller” cards as some call them are invitation only cards. You have to [...]

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Credit Card Fraud – How to Recognize Fraud Risk

August 7, 2011

TweetThere are four primary ways that your credit card can be compromised. Understanding how your credit information becomes compromised and taking the proper steps to prevent compromise can save you hours of time clearing up fraudulent charges, etc. Identity Theft If you’ve ever lost your purse or wallet, don’t assume that all is well if [...]

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Worst Credit Cards of All Time – Surprising Places to Find Bad Deals

July 31, 2011

TweetCredit cards come in two types—store retail cards and bank cards such as Visa and MasterCard. It’s been recognized for a long time that store retails cards are never as good a deal as bank cards, though there are some bank cards that rank up there as the worst credit cards of all time. A [...]

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Technology Improvements – Could They Support More Low-interest Credit Cards

June 29, 2011

TweetIt’s usually the case. The company that develops a technology first doesn’t remain at the head of the pack. Look at Apple Computer. Had the best operating system out there, but Microsoft had the best marketing strategy.  Apple’s still with us, but it will never capture the market share Microsoft has. When it comes to [...]

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Credit Card Arbitrage – Do You Dare?

June 23, 2011

TweetAre you one those people who like to live on the extreme edge? Then credit card arbitrage is the extreme way to net some extra money. But beware! If you take one misstep, you would do more than lose money. You could destroy your credit as well. What is Credit Card Arbitrage? Credit card arbitrage [...]

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